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Newspapers and Online Regulars
The Washington Post Politics - Nation - World - Metro - Print Edition
The Administraton - Congress - Supreme Court
Media Notes by Howard Kurtz
Comics :   Boondocks - Doonesbury
                 Peanuts - Calvin and Hobbes
Top 20 E-mailed Articles
The New York Times Week in Review - Multimedia
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Puget Sound Traffic Cameras
Gaithersburg Gazette Montgomery County Swim League
MSN Slate Today's Papers
The Nation As America's oldest weekly magazine, founded in 1865 by anti-slavery abolitionists centered around Boston and New York City, The Nation addresses the political and social questions that face our society.
Jonathan Schell - Nuclear Disarmament Expert
Captial Games - David Corn
The Online Beat - John Nichols
Unfriendly Skies
Worldwide Newspapers Online papers from around the Globe, arranged by region, country and language
BBC British Broadcasting Company
Times of India English language paper based in Bombay
Dawn Pakistan's most widely circulated English language newspaper
Al Jazeera In English.  There was once a time when I would write an intro to this.
CNET News Tech Industry News
Slashdot News for Nerds.  Owned by The Open Source Development Network.  Tends to have an anti-Microsoft skew.  OSDN is a wholly owned subsidiary of VA Software Corporation.
Wired News
DefenseTech military, law enforcement and national security

Politics, Public Affairs, Political Organizations and Activism
Democratic National Committee Republican National Committee
Green Party USA - Platform Worldwide Greens - United for Peace
Consitution Society Constitution for the United States of America
Declaration of Independence
The Federalist Papers
Anti-Federalist Papers
The Pew Research Center An independent opinion research group that studies attitudes toward the press, politics and public policy issues; best known for regular national surveys that measure public attentiveness to major news stories, and for polling that charts trends in values and fundamental political and social attitudes
CATO Institute A non-profit public policy research foundation.
Center for American Progress Developing a long term vision of a progressive America

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United States Federal Government
The White House Press Briefings
National Security Strategy of the United States - html
What Does Disarmament Look Like?
"Why We Know Iraq is Lying" by Dr. Condoleezza Rice
United States Congress United States Senate
U.S. Department of State National Strategy To Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction
Department of Defense Defense Almanac
Central Intelligence Agency The World Factbook - statistical overview & brief analysis of the world's nations
Federal Bureau of Investigation Top Ten Most Wanted
Contact an Elected Official
The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal
Federal and state legislators and executives

Terrorism, Terrorists and Related Policy
War on Terrorism - FBI Most Wanted Terrorists
War on Terrorism - CIA National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

American History
The Library of Congress American Memory - George Washington Papers
Manuscript Division - Online Exhibitions
National Cryptologic Museum Historical Publications

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Math Reference Tables A bunch of reference tables on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, vectors & linear algebra, calculus, etc.
Home Page of John F. Nash, Jr. Autobiography
Dissertation on Non-Cooperative Games
Logic Puzzles A page of puzzles with links to solutions.
Lewis Carroll Logic, Mathematics & Games Lewis Carroll Puzzles
The Lewis Carroll E-text Collection
The Wolfram Integrator From the folks that bring your Mathematica
Calculators A collection of links to various online calculators.
Large Links List A large collection of mathematics links, divided into sections: Reference, General, Numerical Methods, Function, Fourier Analysis, Fractals & Chaos, Wavelets, Cryptography.

an introduction to fractals
fractal landscapes passed through filters
iterated function systems
3D fractal landscapes
fractals unleashed
julia and mandelbrot sets
fractal links
fractal junkyard
attractive fractal galleries
fractal mountains
database: images, code examples, programs, papers

NIST Physics Laboratory
NIST Physical Reference Data
Los Alamos National Laboratory - E-print Archive
nobel prize winners
is the speed of light constant?
quantum teleportation
center for the history of physics
laws list
bose-einstein condensation - @ nist
history of lasers
build a laser of doom

step by step instructions
for blight resistance

Periodic Table of Elements Los Alamos Version - Phys Link Version

Computers & Technology
Terminal Server Shortcut Keys

Windows Update If you aren't checking this site weekly, you should be.  Check it on Thursdays, updates tend to be released on Wednesdays unless they are critical.
c|net Download.com Good site for freeware & sharewhare
Media Tagger Good MP3 Tagger, do it based on folder & file names, rename files, download information from FreeDB based on text searches, or automatically for albums.  It takes awhile to get efficient at using it, and no real help to speak of, but experimentation will make you good, and if you are like me, it's going to take you months to tag your collection as it is.
Exact Audio Copy Good audio grabber, use with . . .
Lame MP3 to encode CDs as MP3s
Qurb White List software that integrates with Outlook.  Only people you put on your list will have their emails end up in your inbox, all others are quarantined.  The only real solution to spam.  You can have it respond to all quarantined emails with an automated message, so if your friend emails you from a new address, they just respond to the automated email and get added to your white list.
Old Version Download old versions of your favorite sofware.  Get Winamp before AOL got their hands on it.  Don't like the new version of a messneger client, get the one you did like.
Photo Story Microsoft product for creating slideshows with voice over or soundtrack - haven't tried it yet.

Programming and Development
Microsoft's Developer Network Library
Visual Basic Reference - Visual C++ Reference
Windows Script Host - File System Object
JScript Reference - VBScript Reference
Cascading Style Sheets CSS according to the World Wide Web Consortium.  As you can see, the background image element has been the standard since 1996, yet for some reason Netscape et al. still do not display it correctly.  So I figure why bother trying to be compliant with them.

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All Music The IMDB of Music
Recommended Artists
Van Morrison
Recommended Albums
Moondance - Astral Weeks
Tupelo Honey - Veedon Fleece

Film & Television
Internet Movie Database This is must for any movie fan!  Trivia, Quotes, in addition to all the credits and comments you could want.
NetFlix Movie Rental Subscription Service - $18/month - no due dates - 3 movies out a time - free mailing
Movie Poop Shoot Comics 101 - good column with archive
TV Recommendations - Weekly by Chris Ryall
Dark Horizons find the latest news, images, clips and reviews of all the current and upcoming blockbuster films all in one place
Ain't It Cool News latest news and spoilers on television and movies
Sorkin Exits WEST WING!! - there goes the neighborhood
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Restless BTVS
The West Wing
The Simpsons Archive
WWF News and Rumors Thanks Rajah

Mark Harden's Artchive Large Collection of Art, available free of charge for private, non-profit use
Digital Blasphemy Computer generated art by Ryan Bliss.  I really like this guy's work, especially from 1999-2001.

The Pulitzer Prizes
The Complete Works of Shakespeare
Sparknotes like Cliff's notes but online
A Little Literature Library

ESPN MLB Scoreboard
USA Swimming
Boston Red Sox
Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees The Best Pitcher Ever!
World Wrestling Entertainment
Runner's Log
Washington Redskins
New York Giants

Online Entertainment
Terraserver Satellite & Aerial Photos of The Earth
Served by Microsoft Technology.
Insanity Test Turn on your speakers before you vist... Are you insane?
The Straight Dope

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Internet Public Library A great site that might be the one site I would recommend to anyone.
Daylight Saving
The Official U.S. Time
To know when it starts or stops in the US or EU any year
Weather San Diego - Montgomery Village - West Haven - Seattle
Sunrise & Sunset Direct Link - location based sun/moon rise & set data for a day
National Park Service North Cascades - Olympic - Mount Rainier
Inconstant Moon Click the calendar on the right to find tonight's phase
The Wayback Machine Paste in the address of those websites you loved but the link died.  Or look at alternate versions of websites.
Dictionary Thesaurus
Babel Fish Translate text and webpages

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Online Stores
Amazon - You Know. eBay Auctions.
Handango Pocket PC Software
Cheap CDs - Get CDs for cheap
Ninja Tune - Home of Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Funki Porcini, Mr. Scruff ...
Reggae CD - Reggae CDs pretty cheap
Mix Unit - Get your Mix Tapes
Super Media Store Where I buy blank media, like DVDs - Ritek & Prodisc are good brands
New Egg Computer Equipment & Accessories
Tom Drum Home of the fantastic stretch ropes: 'Fraid Nots.
Not ropes that stretch, but ropes that stretch you.
Fitness Destination Home Gym Equipment at low prices
Fitter First Do a seach for Backnobber.  Also, they got those little spikey balls for your feet.
Speedo The name in competitive swim wear.
Auto Trader Find your next car.
REI Fantastic outdoor gear: framepacks, boots, clothes, jackets, and tons more.
Puma Awesome Shoes - All Men's Shoes
Homebrew Adventures Everything Homebrew Related.  I highly recommend their recipe kits; great for first timers & experienced alike.

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ah, homebrew. . . . tastes so good, so many varieties, beer . . . well, brewing your own beer is rather easy. and it doesn't take much to get started, for a little more than $100 you can be brewing your first batch. read the how to brew book.  that and reading sites on yahoo should tell you everything you need to know. i can't remember where i got my starter equipment, but that place sucked anyway. now i pretty much do all my shopping at hombrew adventures. it's good place to get recipe kits. also, sign up for homebrew digest. only drinking beer is more fun than reading about it. enjoy

Homebrew Adventures This is my favorite beer site on the net.  A great store: I recommend trying the recipe kits, perfect for first timers and experts alike.  They also have forums where you can get advice from other homebrewers.
Homebrew Digest Daily Digest of user submitted posts.  A great community for your brewing answers.  Get it daily in your email inbox.
How to Brew A free internet book.  Read through sections 1 & 2, section 3 (all grain) is more advanced.
The Brewery Check out the Library and also the cats meow 3 recipe collection
American Homebrew Association Best of the HBD
Beer Haikus Beer reviews written in Haiku
The Home Brew Formulary Poster A poster I wanna buy but I'm not sure if they are still in business
Homebrew Calculator gravity, alcohol percentage, etc.
American Beer History Beer History, Brewing History, Brewery History . . .
b3 brewing equipment
homebrew adventures
homebrew heaven

Homebrew Adventures is the really the only one I use.

Food & Drink

Nutrition & Fitness

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First Subject

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student information system
academic calendar
wesleyan homepage
exam schedule
computer science
quantum fluids labratory
commencement 2001
dining hours
freeman hours

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